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Our Beekeeping Supplies

High quality Beekeeping Equipment Supplier in Sydney, Australia.

We develop and import our own Beekeeping products, we are constantly improving our products’ Quality, Transport Delivery Logistics and IT systems.Our goal is to provide executive level of service for Online Shopping.

Specialising in a range of Honey Extractors, Beehives, Made in Australia Jars, Getting Started in Beekeeping Books, Bee Smoker, Uncapping Stations and more. 


Short & Sweet About Us

iWoohoo Beekeeping is an Australian Beekeeping supplier of good quality and affordable apiary bees equipment. We are based in NSW, Prestons (just off the M7 & M5). We have a team of 7 that operates all of iWoohoo Beekeeping. From logistics, customer service, website development, research, accounts and product development. We all work together to make sure you get the best service & product.

We have been operating since April 2014, predominantly online, we have in the recent months have developed a Beekeeping showroom so locals can come visit and have a look at our extensive beekeeping range before purchasing. We stock a range of beehives, apiarist tool kits, honey spinners, foundation bees wax, beetle traps, uncapping stations and more.

We do not sell honey bees or organic honey but simply provide apiarists the equipment they need to have a thriving beehive.

We welcome beginners, beekeeping associations, second, third, fifth (and so on!) generation beekeepers and commercial beekeepers.

Unit 5, 46 Whyalla Pl. Prestons NSW 2170 Australia

Operating Hours: 
Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm
Closed Weekends and Public Holidays




Getting started with Beekeeping?

We've got an extensive range of honey beekeeper supplies readily available for you. We've got you covered for you basic beginner's beekeeping tool & kits.

  • Bee Agskills: A basic guide to some of the skills and practices of bee production.
  • Beehive: Your future swarm's home! Made from quality New Zealand Pine wood with dovetail joints for extra strength and includes the frames you need to get started. Wood is chemical & free of any finishes. 100% Raw and ready for priming, painting or oiling.
  • Frame Eyelets: A small but important part of your frame. The eyelets help to stop the frame wire from cutting through the timber of the frame.
  • Frame WireHelps to keep the foundation wax in place and give it strength.
  • Foundation Bees Wax: We support local business by getting our wax from Australian businesses...or should we say Australian bees?
  • Smoker: Used to help calm the bees to make them easier for you to work with.
  • Bee Brush: Assists in gently moving the bees away from the frames when you're inspecting your hive or introducing your bees to their new home.
  • J Tool – A multipurpose tool to help you do anything including lifting frames out of beehives. 
  • Protective Beekeeper Suit – A full body suit made from cotton to provide you with protection from bee stings.
  • Protective gloves – Made from 100% leather the gloves offer protection from stings to your hands and forearms.

It's best to arm yourself with knowledge when diving into the world of beekeeping. After all our bees are our greatest pollinators and without them we would be in serious trouble! Learning more about Bees & Beekeeping at www.amazingbees.com.au