iWoohoo Beekeeping is an Australian Retailer.

Beehive supplies available are 10, 16 & 20 Frame Full Depth Size Beehives. They're all made from 100% New Zealand pine, branded under Whitehouse Beekeeping. They consist of dovetail joints or extra strength and support for your bees. Free of chemicals and 100% raw.

We have available are bee supers with included frames, available in full depth and ideal depth.

We suggest that before adding in your bees that you oil your beehive or to coat them with outdoor primer & paint to ensure longevity.

When assembling your bees new home make sure you've got the right equipment to assemble everything. The internet is goldmine of information for beekeeping, in saying that, it's always best to learn from face-to-face beekeeping workshops in your nearest available area. Books with extensive information about beekeeping are available in our store.

We are stockist of Australian made Parker Engineering Beehives we have packaged the hives so that they're packed and readily available for order.

Parker Engineering Plastic Beehives Australian made & manufactured since 1978. Designed for our Australian weather and beekeepers....
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Bee Hive Frame Brass Eyelets help to protect your frames by stopping the frame wire from cutting into the timber of your frames. Made from...
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Beekeeping Frame Wire Crimper Tighten your wire using our Whitehouse Beekeeping Crimper.
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Bulk Buy 100 Pack of Alliance Brand Frames and 100x Foundation Wax. Premium Grade Full Depth Alliance timber Beehive Frames 100 Pack. Made from...
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Carton Full Depth Wax Foundation Comb - 180 sheets Natural bees foundation wax. Bees readily adapt to bees wax making honey making much faster....
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