Wooden Beehives

Our Whitehouse Beekeeping New Zealand Pine Beehives are 100% Raw and natural.
Your bees will easily adapt into them as they are free of any chemicals or artificial materials.

Australia Wide delivery available for our beehives.


$355.50 $329.00
Beekeeping for beginners can be daughting, you ask for yourself where or how to start beekeeping, where can I learn from? However we have made a kit which...
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$169.95 $149.95
Talk about a Time Saver of a beehive! This package only requires the Supers and baseboard to be assembled, everything else is done for you. Our...
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$649.95 $599.95
Buy bulk and Save! Bulk pack includes 5 x 20 Frame Full Depth beehives made from New Zealand Pine. Hive comes with lid already assembled with supers...
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$134.90 $129.95
Beehive Supers in High Quality & Genuine New Zealand Pine Timber. In the box includes 2 Sets of Boxes - this means 4x Long Side Walls & 4x...
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$299.95 $199.95
Fully Assembled Double Beehive including 20 Assembled frames, Stainless Steel Excluder AND strapping with hive lock for easy transporting. This is...
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Whitehouse Beekeeping 8 frame/box Bee Hive made from New Zealand Pine Complete double level hive with bee frames, supers, lid, baseboard, cleats...
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Whitehouse Beekeeping 20 frame/box Full Depth Beehive made from New Zealand Pine Have the choice of getting your beehive with 100% Fully Assembled...
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$174.95 $169.95
This product comes in 2 boxes. Carton 1 has 20 Frame Double Level Beehive. Carton 2 has 10 Frames + Supers. If you're confused please...
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