Use this strainer to ensure extra fine, wax and pollen free honey. The incredibly fine nylon material traps all debris resulting extra smooth honey....
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The comb capper is a handy accessory when uncapping frames. Suitable for use by apairists with only a few hives, the comb capper fits on the rim of a standard 15Ltr honey bucket and gives you the ability to uncap the frames with ease.

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Need an Australian made, Food Grade and non toxic grease to help keep your extractor in top working order? Well this is it!  INOX-mx6 is...
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Made from high quality 304 stainless steel this honey strainer measures 24cm in diameter and 11cm high. It has a double sieve system with fine and...
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Plastic, food grade/safe, stainless steel bolts. O ring shaped opening, w ith 4cm or 40mm output.
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