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Pure and extra fine 1kg Diatomaceous Earth. Suffocates and kills Small Hive Beetles that threatens to invade your beehives. Locally sourced....
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Our Ventilated Bee Suit has been made with 3 layers of fabric mesh to provide you with better protection against bee stings and also helps to keep you cool....
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This product comes in 2 boxes. Carton 1 has 20 Frame Double Level Beehive. Carton 2 has 10 Frames + Supers. If you're confused please...
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A massive honey tank for the semi commercial or commercial beekeeper. The deluxe 400kg honey tank is made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and can...
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Designed in Germany and manufactured by a company with over 30 years experience in beekeeping, this premium honey extractor is of an exceptional quality...
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One piece plastic frame and foundation combo is the ultimate time saving frame solution for any beekeeper! Available as a Pack of 20 and with no need...
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Our deluxe 100kg honey tank is made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and as the name suggests, can hold up to 100kg of honey. Measuring 41.5 in...
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Beehive Supers in High Quality & Genuine New Zealand Pine Timber. In the box includes 2 Sets of Boxes - this means 4x Long Side Walls & 4x Short...
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Our deluxe 200kg honey tank is made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and holds up to a massive 200kg of honey! Measuring 55cm in diameter and 81cm...
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Semi Commercial 2 Metre Uncapping Station Uncapping your frames is a breeze with our deluxe 2 metre long uncapping station. The tray is a...
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Premium Grade Full Depth Alliance unassembled timber beehive frames 20 Pack. Made from premium quality New...
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Whitehouse Beekeeping 8 frame/box Supers made from New Zealand Pine Specs: Dovetail joints for easy assembly and added strength Supers...
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