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The Australian Beekeeping Manual by Robert Owen - NEW EDITION

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The Australian Beekeeping Manual by Robert Owen - NEW ADDITION -  Hardcover

The Australian Beekeeping Manual is the most comprehensive reference for both novice and experienced beekeepers in Australia.

The accessible yet detailed text, supported by over 350 photographs and illustrations, cover all the key areas, including:

  • The beekeeping equipment needed.
  • How to obtain bees.
  • Where to locate them in the garden.
  • The basics of colony management.

There are also in-depth chapters on:

  • The lifecycle of the honey bee.
  • Extracting honey.
  • Creating a bee-friendly garden.
  • Entering honey in competitions.
  • Pests and diseases.
  • Native bees.
  • Rearing Queens

The result is an invaluable beekeeping resource that will be reffered to time and again, and which can be taken out to the hive for use as an immediate step-by-step guide or read at leisure.

Robert Owen's passion for bees and beekeeping has, over the years, seen his hobby become his profession, with the development of his own business providing education and supplies to Australian beekeepes. Seeing a need for a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow manual for beekeepers of all levels of experience, Robert spent several years researching and preparing this unique manual that clearly explains everything the Australian beekeeper needs to know in a practical, highly illustration format.

ISBN: 978-1-921966-88-0


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