2021 - 9 Frame Electric Honey Extractor - DELUXE

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Our biggest selling extractor has undergone a very clever upgrade.  The barrel has been totally redesigned and now slopes from back to front, whilst maintaining its conical shape.  The barrel itself is higher at the back, not the legs, and this allows total drainage of all honey to the front collection well and out the stainless honey gate. 

The barrel and basket are made from 304SS and it comes with a solid welded stainless honey gate.  The basket is suitable for Full Depth & WSP frames and the height is easy to adjust on the shaft.

The legs have also been upgraded. The 2021 - 9 Frame Electric Honey Extractor now comes with straight legs and rubber feet, which make this extractor very stable when in motion.

The unit is powered by a direct drive 110W motor with a simple lever for speed and changing from forward to reverse.  We have been selling this motor for nearly 6 years in Australia, with almost no returns or concerns.

**Extractor motor may be red or cream in colour. Same motor - different colour paint.


Barrel Diameter:               66cm

Barrel Height:                    66cm at back, 69cm at front

Suitable for:                       Full Depth, WSP

Barrel Material:                 304SS

Basket Design:                 Fixed Radial

Basket Material:               304SS

Welded Honeygate:         304SS

Height from Honeygate to ground:  40cm