9 Frame Electric Honey Extractor - PREMIUM GRADE

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12 Months Warranty

Designed in Germany and manufactured by a company with over 30 years experience in beekeeping, this premium honey extractor is of an exceptional quality and standard.

Made completely of high grade 0.6mm, 304 Stainless Steel and featuring 2 rolling hoops for added strength, the construction of this extractor will not disappoint!

The extractor has a conical base to help your honey flow freely straight down to the 40mm honey gate valve. With a massive floor to honey gate valve clearing of 47.5cm a 20Ltr bucket and strainer easily fits under the honey gate valve.

The motor is 220VAC, 50Hz and 110W and has a control knob which allows the basket to spin both left and right. As an added bonus the motor is easily removable by unscrewing the metal bar from the extractor drum.

The frame basket height is easily adjustable by loosening two screws, re-positioning the basket at the height you want then tightening the screws back up!

Other great features include
* A safety cut out switch for added safety
* Clip to hold the lid up to keep your hands free and lid out of the way while you're inspecting your extraction
* Acrylic lids
* Rubber based feet and full length legs for added stability.
* Easy to remove to top bar so cleaning is a breeze

Our Premium Extractors are robust, reliable and especially made to be top of the range!

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