Ideal Depth Frames

Premium Grade Ideal Depth Alliance unassembled timber beehive frames. Made from premium quality New Zealand Pine with 10mm plain bottom bar, ...
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Minimum quantity for "Alliance Ideal Depth Frames with 10MM Plain Bottom Bar" is 20.

‚Äč Premium Grade Ideal Depth Alliance unassembled   timber beehive frames 1000 Pack. Made from premium quality New...
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Bulk Buy 100 Pack Premium Grade  Ideal Depth  Alliance timber beehive frames commercial quantity  100 Pack.   Made from...
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Premium grade Ideal Depth assembled timber beehive frames.  Eyelets installed and after wire tensioned, the wire is secured by nails.  Extra...

Minimum quantity for "Ideal Depth Fully Assembled and Wired Frames with Eyelets Installed" is 20.