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4 Frame True Reversible Premium Electric Extractor - With Full program Controller

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This is our highest level in the 4 frame true reversible extractor series.  It comes with a full program controller, whisper quiet motor and very sturdy construction in 304SS.   This is a true reversible extractor that is designed especially for thicker honey extraction - e.g. Manuka.  The full wire baskets are spring loaded top and bottom and turn to face side on the drum to utilise all the centrufugal force.  Change the direction and the baskets with frames are then flipped to the other side automatically.

The drum and base have been totally redesigned to be both conical and sloping from back to front so every drop of honey can drain naturally, with no tilting or repositioning.

The controller is pre programmed with 7 standard and useful protocols and has two further ones that you can set yourself.  Simply select the program number and press start.  The extractor will then automatically start at low speed and step by step increase speed and change to the opposite direction.  You can start preparing your next frames for extraction which this system looks after itself and completes extraction.

There is also the option to dial up speed and direction manually and it comes complete with large safety cut out buttons and safety cut out on lid opening.



Barrel Diameter:                65cm

Barrel Height:                    65cm back to 69cm front

Suitable for:                       Full Depth, WSP & Ideal

Barrel Material:                  304SS

Basket Design:                  Spring Loaded 4 Frame True Reversible

Basket Material:                 304SS

Honeygate:                         304SS, Welded

Honeygate to ground:         42cm



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