17 in 1 Gabled Roof Double Level Hive and Mesh Base Beetle Draw Deluxe Beekeeping Kit - 10 Frame Size

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All in one kit with high quality beekeeping equipment and all you need to get started. Just add bees. This kit includes a double level beehive with a premium gabled roof to make your hive stand out. Also included is a screened bottom with draw to keep hive beetle numbers low.  Highly recommended for humid areas. 
1 x Gabled Roof 
1 x Inner cover 
2 x Premium Dovetail One Pc Pine Whitehouse Supers
1 x Mesh Base with Drawer 
20 x Flat Packed Alliance Made in New Zealand Frames 
20 x Foundation Wax - Australian 
1 x Smoker 
1 x Frame Grip 
1 x Bee Brush 
1 x Serrated Knife  
1X Plastic Queen Excluder
1 x 500g 304 Stainless Wire 
1 x Uncapping Fork 
1 x Bag of Eyelets 500pcs 
1 x J Tool 
1 x Cotton Hood Style Coverall Suit & Veil - Size XXXL 
1 x Leather Gloves XL  
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