15 in 1 ULTIMATE Beekeeping kit - 8 Frame

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Only for those who want the best set up we can offer. This kit features fully wired and waxed frames with Australian made wax to save you time. We've included a mesh base for Beetle protection, and a hive stand to give your bees a head start, plus an attractive gabled roof. Your bee boxes are dovetail joins for strength and include 50mm SS screws for longevity. On top of this we've upgraded the suit to a full triple layer mesh suit to give you the best protection on the market. Not convinced yet? How about a Stainless-steel queen excluder to last you a decade, an upgraded full SS uncapping fork, a commercial grade bee brush AND a comfortable hive tool with rubber handle. It really is the best of the best. 
Kit Includes: 
1 x Gabled Telescopic Lid 
1 x Inner cover
2 x Full Depth Premium 1pc Pine Whitehouse Supers with Dovetail Joints 
1 x Mesh Base with Drawer 
16 x Waxed and Wired Full Depth Frames - Australian Wax
1 x Beehive Stand with Stainless Frame Perch 
1 x Stainless Steel Excluder 
1 x Premium Commercial Grade Bee Brush 
1 x Premium Fully Ventilated Fencing Hat Bee Suit 
1 x Heavy Duty Hive Tool with Rubber Handle 
1 x Heavy Duty Uncapping Fork with rubber Handle 
1 x Smoker
1 x Deluxe Frame Grip 
1 x Serrated Knife 
1 x Leather Gloves XL  
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