5 in 1 Essentials Complete 16 Frame Double Level Bee Hive Starter Kit

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16 Frame Complete Beehive Kit - Just add bees! 

Deluxe 16 Frame Beehive Box made from New Zealand Pine. Full depth, once assembled the wood is ready to be primed and painted. Dovetail joints for easy assembly and added strength. 

Comes with 16 x unassembled genuine Alliance frames with 10mm bottom bar. Assembled lid, including galvanised cover. Now comes with an upgraded base  - fully assembled with acacia hardwood cleats and a solid 18mm pine base board.  

Eyelets and wire are essential to complete construction of your frames. 

Plastic excluder fits in between the two levels and keeps the queen separate. 

Beeswax foundation sheets are full depth size and made from 100% Australian beeswax.  


Hive: New Zealand Pine
Eyelets: Brass
Wire: 304 Stainless Steel
Excluder: Plastic
Wax: Australian Bees Wax

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