8 Frame Fully assembled and Painted Extra Level Kit with 8 Assembled & Wired Full depth Frames

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Your growing bee colony needs more space? Spend your precious time with your bees, not gluing, painting wiring asembling etc. your extra level.

This Extra Level Kit comes assembled, painted and frames wired from the time you bring it out of the box - manufactured in a high level outdoor furniture factory with attention to every detail. The super has dovetail joints for extra strength, is both glued and nailed with careful attention to each corner. The upper edges of all supers and bases are painted for extra protection, just leaving a nice raw interior surface of the hive for the bees to decorate as only they know how.

The wood is tested to ensure it has been dried correctly with correct moisture content and a coat of primer applied.  It is then followed by a further two coats of UV stabilised paint used for the European outdoor furniture sector.  Extra coating is applied along the joint lines.

This Extra level Kit comes completely assembled and painted, frames assembled and wired  in one protected carton.  With our new freight rates you may be amazed at how cheap with can get this bulky item to you.

The frames are 100% Fully assembled & wired Beehive Frames, no punching eyelets, no wiring. Ready for Wax! Made from A-Grade Extra Heavy Duty Russian Pine and secured by more than 10 x Extra Long Staples for the Strongest Frames

Wire Nailed - both ends on front side of frame - to avoid any slippage during extraction.

Suitable for most standard Australian beehives.

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