Bee Smoker High Quality Flame Resistant Design

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NEW DESIGN: Our latest high quality smoker design. 

Work with calm bees during inspections.

Our upgraded design has a unique internal combustion chamber which allows air flow around the entire smoker. This allows for continuous smoke for long periods while also decreasing the external temperature of the outer sleeve reducing the chance of fire from grass touching the outside of the smoker. 

In addition to these upgrades we have added a unique internal grate to the nose of the smoker designed to reduce sparks/embers from escaping the out the top of the smoker - keep those bees safe! 

Our new bellows are now thicker than ever ensuring a long lasting bellow made for harsh Australian conditions. 

It has top quality stainless steel finish and is fitted with a protective cage to protect your hands from heat injuries.

This is easily one of the best smokers on the market and we guarantee you will be happy with your purchase. 


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