Uncapping Tools

Uncapping Fork Comb Scratcher Straight Needle Compact and strong this straight needle comb scratcher features a plastic handle measuring 16.5cm in...
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Pollen Shovel - Multi Purpose Spade - Honey Uncapping Spade Beekeeping HONEY SPADE for Cleaning Wax and Bee Hive Waste Features:...
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The uncapping roller features blunt spikes to penetrate wax caps. This style of uncapping is best described as "scratching" style of uncapping. May be...
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This Hive Tool features a rigid J Shape at one end and a curved stainless steel scrapping surface at the other. Think of it as a merge between a J-Tool...
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Basic Beekeeping Tool Pack / Kit Bee Brush: Assists in gently moving the bees away from the frames when you're inspecting your hive or...
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Designed to make uncapping your frames easy, this uncapping station is the perfect unit for any hobbyist or semi commercial beekeeper.  Standing...
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A robust station which makes uncapping your frames a breeze this deluxe uncapping station comes fully equipped with lid, stainless steel draining grate,...
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One of our best uncapping stations. Make uncapping your frames a breeze with our 1m long deluxe uncapping station. It comes fully equipped with...
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