An endangered bee species is thriving on land where flower-rich meadows were reintroduced, the National Trust said. 

Lytes Cary Manor in Somerset has been designated as one of two "exemplary" sites for the rare shrill carder bee - the other being the RSPB's Rainham Marshes in Essex.

The bee is a special creature: of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity and our food. But why does the bee play such an important role and what can you do to help it? Nienke Vennik – editor for Slow Food Netherlands – interviewed a local beekeeper and found out. 

By Florida Wildflower Foundation

Florida is home to more than 300 species of bees. They vary in size from 2 to 25 mm, and range in color from brown, black or red to metallic green or blue. In Florida, bees are active most of the year. Most nest in well-drained soil that is sparsely vegetated, but others nest in trees or other sources of wood, or plants with hollow stems. They may nest in spring and again in summer months.


Threatened honey bees, endangered bumblebees, fading butterflies … we hear alarms all the time about the global decline in pollinators, but does anybody really know how many are out there?

Starting May 1, there’ll be a free app to try to answer that question as part of the first World Bee Count project, and all you need to participate is a smartphone and a willingness to snap photos, says beekeeper, farmer and computer science professor James Wilkes.

“It’s just, if you see a flower with a bug on it, then take the picture and send it in.”

Scientists modify honey bee gut bacterium to fight colony collapse-causing Varroa mite and deformed-wing virus.

Colony Collapse Disorder caused the loss of an estimated 40 per cent of honey bee colonies in the US last year — the worst winter decline on record for tracked hives since research began.

Now researchers have genetically engineered a bacterium that lives

Beekeepers are preparing for a tough year following major losses of floral resources across the country due to drought and bushfires. Apiarists are having to artificially feed their bees with sugar and pollen to keep the population alive, with this year's focus on survival and pollination rather than honey production. 

Billie Eilish set the 2019 American Music Awards abuzz with a bedazzled beekeeper mask only she could pull off. 

The 17-year-old singer, who is no stranger to out-of-the-box ensembles, arrived at the ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles looking absolutely un-bee-lievable ― OK, sorry, we promise to stop with the bee puns now.

Oji Group, established almost 150 years ago, is one of the world’s major pulp and paper producers. While its headquarters is based in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, its business and forestation activity extend to the global stage.

In addition to the 190,000 hectares of

New Zealand beekeepers have a bitter sweet challenge as an abundance of honey causes prices and jobs to drop. 

The price of honey for New Zealand suppliers has decreased significantly in the last year causing some beekeepers to go out of business and others hoping that consumers see the positives in honey not

A MOUNT COTTON retiree, honoured for his contribution to biodiversity during his working years, has turned his love of nature into a environment-saving hobby. It was not until Mt Cotton apiarist Paul Sattler retired from his career as a national parks and resources manger that he pursued a life-long interest in beekeeping.

Don’t try this at home’: Astonishing moment beekeeper grabs hundreds of swarming bees in his bare hands – and doesn’t get stung once

The state's beekeeper association has welcomed the signing of an agreement giving them better access to leatherwood trees.

The agreement between Sustainable