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Approximately one in every three mouthfuls of food you eat today was pollinated by bees.

Australia lives in a precarious beekeeping utopia because of our isolation from the rest of the world. We are the only country left that does not have the deadly varroa destructor, a tiny mite that lives off the blood of adult bees, transfers viruses, causes birth deformities and makes colonies collapse over winter.

FAO supports rural beekeeping in eastern Ukraine With 1.5% of the local population in Ukraine engaged in beekeeping, the country is the top player in Europe for honey production.

An increase in global demand has seen the price of Australian beeswax skyrocket in recent years, with local beards and beekeepers among the victims.

Australia's honey bee industry remains the

Things are looking pretty sweet for WA’s honey industry.

Premium varieties exclusive to our state like jarrah and marri are finally getting the international recognition they deserve, investment in infrastructure is increasing and interest in beekeeping is exploding.

After receiving a federal government grant to grow the international market for Australian manuka honey in March, the Australian Manuka Honey Association received extra support from the industry body.