Double Level Full Depth Timber Beehive, With ventilated Lid & Australian Weathertex Base - 10 Frame, No Frames

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Whitehouse Beekeeping 20 frame/box Full Depth Beehive with Ventilated Lid & Australian Weathertex Base

The lid and base are both fully assembled. 

The Heavy Duty Australian made Weathertex Beehive Base is our in house made base that has been specially designed to tackle tough Australian weather conditions. 

We've used tough Weathertex board which will out last traditional pine bases. We've added heavy duty hard wood cleats to resist rot as well. 

Our in house construction techniques mean we have used all Australian construction materials including high quality construction grade adhesive, heavy duty screws and staples. This base really will last all you can throw at it. 

Crafted from high-quality marine ply which has been wax dipped - this beehive lid boasts a robust galvanized cover and incorporates four circular ventilation holes. These strategically placed openings facilitate essential airflow within the hive, regulating temperature and humidity for the well-being of the bee colony, while also offering protection from the elements.

The flat-packed beehive supers are ingeniously designed with dovetail joints, enabling effortless and sturdy assembly. Crafted for beekeepers' convenience, they easily snap together to create durable and secure hive extensions, allowing for efficient hive management and honey extraction while maintaining hive integrity.

Complete double level hive:


  • Dovetail joints for easy assembly and added strength
  • 22.4kg
  • Supers Inner Dimension: 46.5/48.5 (L) x 36.5 (W) x 24(H) cm
  • Supers Outer Dimension: 50.6 (L) x 40.6 (W) x 24.2 (H) cm
  • Capacity 20 Frames Standard Full Depth Size

In the Box:

  • 1x Assembled Ventilated Lid (Galvanised top)
  • 1 x Assembled Base, including Weathertex, Australian made
  • Nails for Supers.  Note - nails for the frames are not included.


  •  Marine Ply
  • Galvanised top Lid
  • Weathertex board
  • Nails are Galvanised Steel
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