Full YKK Zips Premium Fully Ventilated Bee keeping Jacket with Round Hat

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This fully ventilated beekeeping jacket has exceeded our expectations. All zips are now heavy-duty genuine YKK zips.

The ventilated fabric has also been upgraded, with extra-large nodules put in the three layers of fabric mesh to hold the fabric out even wider for additional protection. During field testing, we found this new fabric softer than the previous version, offering exceptional comfort during long working days. The design is loose-fitting and lightweight when worn. The hat is detachable for versatility, and with smooth ring-pull zips, it's effortless to loosen, tilt back, and then secure again.

This jacket comes with numerous pockets designed to accommodate variously shaped tools, including hive tools, brushes, and hand tools. Additionally, hand straps are included to prevent any slippage while working.

It's worth noting that this beekeeping jacket is machine washable; however, the hat should be detached and washed by hand for best results.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For reference, the model in the photos is wearing size M. Feedback from our staff regarding sizing is as follows:

- Staff 1: 180cm, 78kg - prefers size L

- Staff 2: 185cm, 85kg - prefers size XL

- Staff 3: 188cm, 110kg - prefers size XXL

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