Full YKK Zips Premium Fully Ventilated Bee Suit

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This fully ventilated beesuit has exceeded our expectations.  All zips are now heavy duty genuine YKK zips, even including the lower leg ones.  

The ventilated fabric has also been upgraded, with extra large nodules put in the 3 layers of fabric mesh to hold the fabric out even wider for extra protection.  On field testing we found this new fabric softer than previous and very comfortable while working for a full day.  The design is loose fitting and lightweight when on.  The hood can be totally removed if required, but with the smooth ring pull zips it is very easy to loosen and tilt the hood back and then do up again.

It comes with numerous pockets designed to hold a variety of shaped tools, including hive tools and brushes and hand and foot straps to stop any slippage.

This bee suit is machine washable however the hood should be detached and washed by hand.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL & XXL.  The model in the photos is wearing size M.  Other staff here find the following:

Staff 1 - 180cm, 78kg - likes size L

Staff 2 - 185cm, 85kg - likes size XL

Staff 3 - 188cm, 110kg - likes size XXL  

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