3 Frame Tangential Electric Extractor with Stainless Steel Honey Gate

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Tangential 3 Frame Deluxe Electric Honey Extractor with both barrel and wire basket manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel.  The motor is a direct drive 80W with a simple lever for speed and can run in forward or reverse.

The barrel is our new design full drainage system, with internal slope from the back down to the front honey gate and overall conical shape.  This means that the honey will naturally and easily drain without any tipping of the unit.  

NB:  Motor colour may vary, but it is the same motor with a different paint finish.


Barrel Diameter:               42cm

Barrel Height:                   62cm at back, 65cm at front

Suitable for:                      Full Depth, WSP, Ideal

Barrel Material:                 304SS

Basket Design:                 Fixed Radial, 3 Frame

Basket Material:               304SS

Welded Honeygate:         304SS

Height from Honeygate to ground:  35cm