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Bee Hive - Varroa Bottom Board - Ventilated with Triple Disc - 10 Frame Hive Doctor Base

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  • Screened bottom board with optional ventilation when using with compatible inspection trays
  • Use the screened bottom board to inspect for varroa (pest trays required)
  • Pre-set wasp guards create a 9mm reduced entrance to prevent wasp invasion, on all three disks
  • Easy turn, easy access dials- designed for pest and robbing control.
  • Straight sides and ends for easy palletising, and strapping multiple hives.
  • Screw holes for securing to pallets.
  • Locator slots through centre of base for Emlock hive strappers.
  • Locating lugsto secure your hive box, and rigid design to prevent bowing
  • Universal entrance space to allow future functionality, eg. pollen traps, varroa control, and other wasp control.
  • Deep floor with great venting (21% ventilation), with the ability for venting to be closed off with pest trays.
  • Triple disk entrance for a choice of entrance options (disk colour may vary)
  • Bar entrance reducer available separately here slots in front of the box, and can be flipped to either close or reduce the entrance, and stored in the front holding slot.
  • Pest checking trays: available separately here. 10 Frame Bottom Boards require 2 x Pest checking trays
  • Available in 10 frame or 8 frame
  • Dimensions: 53 x 40.5 x 5cm

Ventilated bottom boards can reduce varroa loading and be utilised as part of a varroa management system.

  • Modelling has shown Varroa control with venting can be up to 30% over the course of a year. This control does not work in isolation and needs to be used with other treatment options.
  • The mechanism does not actively treat mites but takes advantage of natural mite fall.
  • It is estimated that 20% of phoretic mites fall off the bee in their first 72 hours.
  • With vented bottom boards, mites that fall off the bees fall out of the hive, as opposed to solid floors where the mites can climb back up from the floor and reattach themselves to the bee.
  • This reduction may seem small, but it will decrease the varroa stress load on the hive.
  • This may be particularly beneficial when mite treatments cannot be applied E.g. long summer honey flows.
  • Modeling has shown that through the period between two synthetic treatments mite drop through vented bottom boards can lead to a reduction of up to a third in phoretic mites.

Reduced mite loadings lead to healthier hives, colonies under less mite stress, reduced PMS and reduced hive losses.

Keep in mind that this is no substitute for high efficacy synthetic or organic treatments. Mite levels should be monitored and treated accordingly.

Research on vented boards reducing varroa mites can be viewed here

For more information click here to download our instruction guide

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