Formic Pro - 10pk

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    Formic Pro, formerly known as MAQS+, is a gel strip containing formic acid wrapped in a wick that emits vapors, designed specifically for treating and managing Varroa mites. These strips are positioned in the brood rearing area of a beehive, where they work to reduce the population of Varroa mites by inducing mortality or sterility in them, affecting both adult bees and those beneath the brood cap.

    The core of this user-friendly strip consists of a film crafted from BASF's biodegradable plastic ecoflex®, an essential element of the wick encasing the formic acid and saccharide (plant sugar) blend. The ecoflex® material, in conjunction with the bees, regulates the gradual release of formic vapors within the hive, effectively targeting and eliminating all life stages of Varroa mites, including both female and male individuals. It's advisable to administer treatment within an ambient temperature range of 10 to 29.5 degrees Celsius. Following the treatment period, the gel strips can be left within the hive, and any remaining debris can be easily removed by scraping it off the top bars.


    • Quick, single-application treatment lasting for 7 days
    • Suitable for use during the honey flow period*
    • Pre-prepared and ready for immediate use
    • Extended shelf life of 24 months
    • Certified organic by Biogro
    • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
    • Used strips can be left in the hive until removed by the beekeeper
    • No need for temperature-controlled storage

    *Note: In compliance with regulations in New Zealand and Australia concerning Formic Pro, honey should be harvested at least 2 weeks after completing the 1-week treatment.

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