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Bayvarol Varroa Strips - Pack of 20 - Treats 5 Brood Boxes

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Bayvarol Varroa Strips are a type of treatment used in beekeeping to control Varroa mites, which are parasitic mites that can significantly harm bee colonies. These strips contain an active ingredient called flumethrin, which is effective in controlling Varroa mite infestations.

• Very safe to use
• Twice the contact area of 2 strip treatments (4 strips/brood chamber)
• Kind to beeswax, propolis & comb honey
• Very gentle on queen bees & nucs
• Up to 5 year expiry date

This product must be kept below 25°C. Shipping is via thermally wrapped packaging with ice packs to ensure safe arrival.

Here's how you can use Bayvarol Varroa Strips:

1. Assess the Need: Before using any treatment, it's essential to assess the severity of the Varroa mite infestation in your bee colony. You can do this through various methods, such as performing a sugar shake or alcohol wash to sample the mite population.
2. Timing: Bayvarol Varroa Strips are typically used during periods of low honey production or when the colony is broodless. This timing ensures that the active ingredient can effectively target the mites without contaminating honey reserves or harming developing brood.
3. Application: Each Bayvarol strip comes with instructions on how to use it. Generally, you'll need to place the strips within the bee hive according to the manufacturer's guidelines. The strips are hung between frames within the brood nest area, where the mites primarily reside.
4. Duration: Bayvarol Varroa Strips need to remain in the hive for a specified period, typically around 42 days. During this time, the active ingredient gradually releases and targets the Varroa mite population.
5. Monitoring: While the treatment is ongoing, it's crucial to monitor the colony regularly to ensure that the treatment is effective and to watch for any signs of adverse effects on the bees.
6. Follow-Up: After the treatment period, remove the Bayvarol Strips from the hive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, continue to monitor the colony for any resurgence of Varroa mites and take appropriate action if needed.
7. Safety Precautions: Always wear appropriate protective gear when handling Bayvarol Varroa Strips to prevent direct contact with the active ingredient. Follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.
8. Record Keeping: Keep detailed records of when the treatment was applied, the duration it remained in the hive, and any observations regarding its effectiveness. This information will help you make informed decisions for future Varroa mite management strategies.
By following these steps and using Bayvarol Varroa Strips properly, beekeepers can effectively control Varroa mite infestations and help maintain the health and productivity of their bee colonies.

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