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Double Roller Slit Uncapper

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Introducing the Double Roller Slit Uncapper, a revolutionary tool for beekeepers seeking efficiency and convenience in honey extraction.

With its ability to uncap Full Depth, Ideal, WSP and Manley frames in a single pass, it's a time-saver, handling 20 frames in under 5 minutes.

Field-ready with no need for electricity, it breaks wax cappings on both sides simultaneously, speeding up extraction while ensuring minimal downtime with its fast wax-rebuild process.

Crafted for durability, its High-Density Polyethylene body and solid aluminum shafts withstand rugged conditions. With minimal wax fines, filtering and settling are cleaner and quicker.

Easily attachable to your preferred container, it comes with stainless steel bolts for secure installation. The Double Roller Slit Uncapper redefines honey extraction, combining efficiency, reliability, and versatility for maximum productivity and quality.


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