17 in 1 Polystyrene Triple Hive Beekeeping Kit - 10 Frame

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All in one kit with high quality beekeeping equipment and all you need to get started. Just add bees. This kit includes an insulating triple level Polystyrene hive to give your bees an advantage in both cold and hot conditions. 
1 x Polystyrene lid with optional ventilation - 4 x aluminium ports
1 x Inner cover 
3 x 10 frame full depth polystyrene supers 
1 x Ventilated base with aluminium mesh
1 x Hive tie strap 
20 x Flat Packed made in New Zealand Alliance Frames 
20 x Foundation Wax - Australian Wax
1 x Smoker 
1 x Frame Grip 
1 x Bee Brush 
1 x Serrated Knife 
1 x 500g Stainless Wire 
1 x Uncapping Fork 
1 x Bag of Eyelets 500pcs 
1 x J Tool 
1 x Cotton Hood Style Coverall Suit & Veil - Size XXXL
1 x Leather Gloves XL   

** Includes - Sliding hive gate that allows you to close off the hive entrance for moving **

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